Immigration Attorney in Encino

September 22, 2013 Posted by Douglas D. Tibbetts

The number of immigrants, particularly to the US is constantly on the rise. Nearly 13 percent of the population of the continental U.S. was believed to comprise of immigrant. The number of people migrating from the U.S. is also estimated to be quite high. Almost everyone knows that it is not easy to enter or exit from America with ease, particularly if it involves a permanent shift. The Immigration Attorney in Encino makes the entire process smooth one with their professional expertise and systematic following of procedure. To get more information on the Law Office of Tasoff & Tasoff, click

A good firm needs to have the resources to provide a high quality immigration legal services. Substantive immigration law topics are covered and perfect practical skill and knowledge are implemented to the utmost effect. They cover all the topics from Family-Based Immigration, Naturalization and citizenship, Relief for victims and from removal.

1. Family Based Immigration Law: Family based immigration laws cover everything that a family needs to pay heed to when migrating to new countries. All the legal paperwork and in-depth care and analysis are made. Eligibility for admission of status is also covered in the topic. Affidavit of support requirements is also covered.

2. Naturalization / Citizenship: Practitioners excel in this field. It covers acquired citizenship, naturalization, abandonment and permanent residency, applying for details, federal court actions and establishing good moral character. Naturalization is a kind of citizenship acquired, not by birth, but by other means. These means may include marriage or adoption. This could also happen if a person has dependent visa. The proceedings are very formal and require quite a lot of time.

3. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals): This is another legal immigration case. Here, the immigrant should be less than 31 years and should have entered the U.S. by the time he was 16. When it comes to substantial evidence to support the case, an attorney can be made the utmost use of. The U.S government is highly obliging and provides great support to the Individuals.

4. Relief for Victims: The offenders of serious crimes like trafficking and domestic violence will be punished severely under the penal code. The refugees are given proper accommodation and given a fair trial. The attorneys can fight for derivative beneficiaries, travel issues, termination of status and adjustment of waivers.

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