Auto Accident Lawyer for the Victim

October 31, 2013 Posted by Douglas D. Tibbetts

The role of the auto accident lawyer for the victim is very vital, whether you have been part of an accident as a motorist or a pedestrian. They must be able to secure for you a sum of money from your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, or directly from those assuming liability. When accidents occur in the course of doing their job, it’s not just the driver that can be held responsible. For example, company vans and trucks, and public transport vehicles, are liable for the irresponsibility of those they employed.

Your lawyer will be pushing to the court why you need to recover money for your medical bills, as well as for permanent damages this may have caused you. Punitive damages can also be acquired to punish the driver for inability to obey traffic rules that caused such tragedy.

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Remember, if by chance you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance company, there is no need for you to offer them any kind of info other than your fundamental identification details. You don’t have to feel the pressure of providing detailed description of your injury. They will just use it against you. An auto accident lawyer makes sure that your rights are protected and you don’t accidentally waive any claims or rights that will help you recover medical bills and lost wages due to the accident.

Let your personal injury lawyer handle the case and assist you in negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance providers of both sides are known for devaluing costs of the pain and permanent diminished capacities on the negotiating table. You need an experienced auto accident attorney in New Mexico to keep you apprised of what you are truly owed as compensation.

If these cases can only be settled in the court, you need to find the right auto accident lawyer who can represent you well and win you the case. Going up against a big company can be discouraging, and it may sound futile if the defendant doesn’t have insurance, but a good personal injury attorney in New Mexico can figure out solutions to your distress. As the injured party, it is your natural right to claim compensation, don’t let anyone manipulate and guilt-trip you otherwise.

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